The Patton Allen Experience

Think back to a time when you raved about the service you received from a business. What made it remarkable? Was it the speed or quality with which your order was fulfilled? Was it the clear and concise way the staff communicated? Was it an unexpected perk or benefit that the business took to go above-and-beyond on your behalf? We are willing to bet it was a combination of all those and more.

At Patton Allen Property Management, we refer to the actions businesses take to delight their customers as the Ritz experience, and it’s that 5-star service that makes up the core of who we are and how we serve you. When you entrust us to manage your investment or find you the right home or apartment, our mission is to provide you with this experience at every turn. This passionate dedication to extraordinary service is what makes us the best property management company in Western North Carolina. 

Your Investment is in Good Hands

At Patton Allen Property Management our expert team helps you make the most of your investment property by providing 5-star management service to you and your tenants. When we say you don’t have to lift a finger, we mean it. Our mission is to provide you with premium service at every turn and when you entrust your investment with us you get all of the following services:   

We ensure your property stays filled to optimize financial performance. We advertise and promote your property on all major platforms and fill any vacancies quickly.
Full-service Management and Leasing
We manage all property and tenant activities on your behalf; from leasing, to inspections, to move-ins and move-outs. We handle all maintenance, rent collection, tenant verifications and much more.
Customer relations
Our highly responsive team handles all communication from tenants through whichever method they prefer: web portal, phone, email, and text, we do it all!
24/7/365 Maintenance
Did a pipe burst at 3am on a holiday? Not a problem! Our 24/7 maintenance team has you covered. Your tenants get a dedicated number to call at any time for any issues, where a human always answers.
Accounting and Planning
Our property managers work with you to create ongoing plans to maximize your investment return. We deliver regular performance reports about your properties and create predictable schedules for regular maintenance and future improvements & repairs.
Best-in-class communication
We communicate with you every step of the way. We provide reports to you on a regular basis and notify you immediately for anything you need to be aware of. Our team is here for you to address any and all questions or concerns.